We are specialist environment management and sustainability service providers. A variety of our value added services include consultancy, research, training and lecturing. Our clients include large, medium and small, private, public and third sector organisations. Providing strategic solutions and ensure managing risks of all aspects of our clients’ business operations is at the heart of our services. We use our ingenuity to assist the clients through their transformational process, increasing effectiveness of their management system and maximise sustainable outcomes.

Bharat Thakore
Renuka Thakore

Bharat is effective leader and strategic manager. Bharat has a track record of building strong relationships with client organisations, regulators and professional service providers. Addition to strong governance, assurance and risk management are the ones he gives priority. Successfully delivering strategic plans and achieving significant growth have always been his strong points.

Renuka is recognised consultant, researcher, trainer and lecturer in environment management and sustainability. She brings demonstrated track record of providing technical environmental services, industry research, ISO 14001 training and lecturing within the wide area of environmental sustainability. Her research focuses in developing and commercialising environment services and products advocating ACT, MEASURE and LEAD.